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Great product! We were test driving new boats. One had DECKadence in it and we really liked the product. Our new boat came with carpet. I looked online and found a DECKadence dealer at  Then they used our carpet as the template and it was easy and a perfect fit!

We designed our own logo, It's an amazing product! We love it!

Yours Truly Sandra


I recently went fishing with a group of guys on a friend’s boat and I was impressed with their deck covering called DECKadence. After admiring the sturdiness and comfort from standing on it for about 8 hours I had to write to you about what a great product I found DECKadence to be! There was an elderly friend on the boat that tripped and fell, the DECKadence was so dense it cushioned his fall. I find this to be an excellent product and would recommend it to every boater.

Thanks Frank


My team and I conducted extensive research in determining the best DECK covering option for our vessel and its operation.  Grupo Cleofas a California 501 (c)(3) and the vessel Maria Cleofas  has been commissioned to take part along with the US NAVY dolphins to serve as the rescue vessel for the endangered VAQUITA porpoise.

After researching the product for 3 months we determined that DECKadence marine flooring proved to be superior in performance, durability and practicality to any other flooring on the market. We endorse DECKadence Marine and thank them for their support!

  • Sincerely,
  • Guerin Alker
  • CEO Grupo Cleofas. 
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